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Free App to Spy lover's text messages without having his/her phone? (2 Easy Steps, 1 Minute)

All you need is the one time access to his phone for 1 minutes.

MiniStep 1: Make sure he has a Smartphone.
MiniStep 2: Write Down this .apk's url on a piece of paper.
MiniStep 3: On his Phone. Go to Market, Download APK Installer. Then go to the internet browser and type the .apk's url (from MiniStep 2)). click the .apk download link, --> Click "Install".)

Step 2: SETUP the App.
MiniStep 1: Find the newly installed app, Tick "Connect" enter a email address made by you solely for purpose of storing the SMSes.
MiniStep 2: Also Tick "Auto backup".

EXTRAS: HIDE THIS APP using Launcher Pro
MiniStep 1: To hide the app, go to App Store & Android Market --> Download LAUNCHER PRO from Market.
MiniStep 2: Install it. On HomeScreen, (Select Launcher Pro if prompt) click "menu"; "Hidden Apps"; Tick "the installed app"

*Applicable to Android Phone only

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7 Response to Free App to Spy lover's text messages without having his/her phone? (2 Easy Steps, 1 Minute)

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  2. Anon says:

    Will this app let you see messages that may be sent to an app that hides contacts such as the "VAULT" app, or GOSMS has a private box feature.. Will it let you see messages sent via in game messaging a in the words with friends game?

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Related Posts with Thumbnails
Related Posts with Thumbnails

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